Five Short and Sweet Reasons to Own a Home


EQUITY: When you pay rent, you will never see that money again. Why line the landlord's pocket?? Although buying a home comes with initial costs, that money will come back over time in equity on your purchase.


PREDICTABILITY: Most people buying a home today know that a fixed rate loan is the way to go. Your payment is fixed for the life of the term. This allows people to budget and make solid financial plans.


RELATIONSHIPS: Renters tend to come and go quickly. Homeowners stay put a minimum of 3 - 5 years to recoup their closing costs. Homeowners also have yards, community areas and the ability to develop healthy neighborhood ties.


OWNERSHIP: Comes with incredible perks! You can update, paint, decorate, renovate,plant trees, expand the patio or install a pool...Let the 'creative you' come out! Bottom line is this is your home and you can personalize to your heart's desire.


GREAT DEALS: Interest rates are at historic lows. Home prices have also dipped which means homes are more affordable than ever. If you have a steady income and cash for a downpayment, timing could not be better to purchase a home!

Home ownership is the smart thing to do!


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